History of the early Christians and Teachings

Let us open the truth about the secrets of the Bible.

All mankind who are claim to believe in Jesus are Christians. Nowadays, each Christian denomination claims that to have the truth and that other denominations are false. Where did they get such confidence in their church? Now, to gain understanding, the church history books, historians and the Bible are used as a reference for this website.

The Early Church/ Age of Apostles

This is the age 2000 years ago when Jesus came down to this earth and taught all the disciples about the law of God that they have to keep. In those days, the Jews persecuted Jesus and His disciples because they were keeping the new covenant law such as the Sabbath(Saturday) and Passover (The Last Supper). So the earliest church was established in Jerusalem. The apostles boldly preached the words of Jesus and His teachings boldly to people such as Romans and Greeks, despite from persecutions and hindrances. As a result, many people came to know Jesus and obeyed His teachings, whether they are Greek or Romans.

Persecution Age

Not long after the gospel was spread around the nations nearby Israel, severe persecutions from the Romans began. In this difficult situation, Christians kept their faith even to the point of their death. To this point, some had already started to neglect and even threw the teachings of Jesus Christ. For this reason, the church was divided into two−Eastern Church having Jerusalem as the headquarter, and the western church having Rome as the headquarter.

Secularization Age

Constantine, with reasons, accepted Christianity in the empire through the Edict of Milan in 313. Around that time, the truth began to be officially changed such as the Sabbath and the Passover. The Sabbath was totally abolished in 321 AD and Sunday service became the official worship day. In 325 AD, the Passover was abolished at the Council of Nicaea. Since that time, those who tried to keep the teachings of Jesus were branded as heretics and were killed. After, the faithful followers left this earth, there was no one who already tried to keep the truth. Everyone turned back.

Papacy Age

This age is called the Dark Ages. The Pope wielded an absolute power after the Germanic Tribes that entered Rome converted to Catholicism. During this age, the Papacy used its power to torture millions of people by means of Inquisition. In the late period, many reformers tried to reform the church but no one was able to do it.

Reformation Age

Although many Biblical scholars and theologians were born, no one could restore the teachings of Jesus. In this age, there is only one church that keeps the new covenant established by Jesus and restored by the Second Coming Jesus. Many social media broadcast about this church, World Mission Society Church of God, as the only church that follows the teachings of the Bible.