1. What is the name of the Church that was established by Jesus?

The name of the Church that was established by Jesus is Church of God (1 Cor. 1-2)

2. If a church has a name ‘Church of God’, does it mean they are the truth?

No. The church that was established by Jesus has an identity.

3. Why do Christians interpret differently the Bible when in fact the Bible is only one?

According to the prophecy, no one can understand correctly the Bible. It is only the Lamb who will appear before the Last Judgement, can interpret the Bible. Only then can  people understand the correct interpretation.

4. Is the Bible fact?

If the Bible is not fact, why are the scientific facts recorded by the God’s people during the bronze age being discovered by scientists in this age? Why then are the prophecies recorded thousands of years ago are being fulfilled?

5. What is the correct worship day?

All churches say that there is no Sunday Service recorded in the Bible. The Sabbath day (Saturday is what is written in the Bible).

6. How can I know the truth?

By studying the Bible, you will know the truth.

7. Where is the Churches of God?

These church is established in 200 countries. You can just search them in any country you are in.

8. Why do people have to believe in God?

They have to believe in God in order to go to heaven.