How Japan Came to Christianity

The first Church that arrived in Asia is the Roman Catholic church. Ever since the conquest era, it is called Roman Catholic church because it was founded in Rome. By 15oos, this church took a mission to spread their doctrines in Asia. Most countries in Asia came to know about the Roman Catholic Church. In 1549, the missionary Portuguese arrived in Japan and there they introduced their doctrines. They call their doctrines ‘Christian Doctrines’. It was not easy for the Japanese to accept the new religion since Japan is a Buddhist country. It took too long for the Japanese to respond to the call of the church. In this era, there is only one percent of the population accepts the name Jesus—some are Catholics and some are non-Catholics.  Japanese people are too close with Buddhism this is only one percent believe in the church.

Majority of Japanese Christians are going to the Roman Catholic Church. Japanese call themselves Christians if their denomination is Catholic. The definition of Christians is believers of Christ. Therefore, all people who claim that they are Christians ought to follow the teachings of Jesus. Buddhists follow the teachings of Buddha. To be called Christians, you must prove that you are following the teachings of Jesus. Then what is the church that follows the teachings of Jesus? If there is a church that follows the teachings of Jesus, that is the real Christian Church. You can find that in the territory of Japan and in more than 200 countries around the world. If you believe God exists, pray that you will find that church, and you will truly find. Buddhists adhere to Buddha’s books so if you want to know about the real teachings of Jesus, adhere to the Bible, the only book that testifies about Jesus, not the teachings of different churches.