Modern Christian Doctrines

Here are the teachings of the Roman Catholic and Protestant Churches:

Sunday Service

This is a day the church regard as a holy day. According to Roman Catholic books (Faith of Millions), there is no Sunday service in the Bible because it is the church that appointed the day as the service day. The book added that the day mentioned in the Bible is Saturday. Nevertheless, all protestant churches follow this doctrine.

Easter Sunday

Easter Sunday is another special day that the Catholics observe and this is distinct from Sunday Service they keep. In this time, they come to participate in the eating of the egg.

Thanksgiving day

This is a day they have appointed to give thanks to their deity, following the order of the president of the United States. Thanksgiving day originated in 1621 when the pilgrims arrived in Plymouth, USA.


This day is the biggest day that they celebrate in a year. The church says that December 25 is a the greatest day of the Unconquered Sun, not the birthday of Jesus. When Jesus was born, there were shepherds pasturing their sheep. However, December 25 is winter time in Israel, a time when sheep could not survive when exposed to coldness.

Cross and Statue

Cross started to be erected on the church around 400 AD. Statue of Virgin Mary, invented appearance of Jesus, statue of the saints of the church all originated from the Catholic Church.

There are many more teachings of the Roman Catholic Church such as Holy Week, Nunnery, etc. what matters is that these teachings mentioned above have no basis from the Bible.