The Prophecy About Second Coming Jesus

The core of the belief of Christianity relies on Jesus. Though Jesus was persecuted and ridiculed by people 2000 years ago (His first coming), His name was exalted above all nations when time came. It is because the prophecy concerning Him is indeed true. He is the prophesied Messiah who will come to this earth in order to save His people. Now, when we study the bible, there are other prophecies that are to be fulfilled after the ascension of Jesus.

Among prophecies, what most awakens believers is His second coming to this earth. When is the fulfillment of this prophecy? In fact, even though many believers in Jesus claim that they have firm faith in Him, though they really know the time Jesus will come a second time? Some say that if He comes a second to this earth, He will as well judge the earth. However, when we refer to the records of the Bible, it says that if Jesus will come a second time, who have faith?

As you know, faith is essential for one’s salvation. Faith is not simply saying that, “I believe in Jesus”, instead, faith is shown through deeds such as keeping God’s commandments. By the way, the sole purpose of Jesus why He will come a second is to bring salvation. By what appearance will He come? Let us think of His first coming. How did he appear before people? Is it not in human likeness? Then, will He appear in the same likeness a second time? Let us think about this.