Understanding what is the truth and what is heresy

Do you know much about the Bible or about religions? It has been a topic that it does not die even if many centuries have already passed and many events happened. Now it becomes history and we are learning about it. Even at the present time, there are many things that are happening in relation to the bible and religion. It is one of the field of interest that many also disagree because of different interpretations of the bible. It is not a light topic but it is the most important for the salvation of a soul.

Many understood that no one can be safe without believing in the true savior and without following the commandment of God. Many people just live the life they want because they thought that salvation and religion do not affect them much and they strongly insists that just by believing you can be saved. In the bible, however, it is written that those who do not do the commands of God are not considered as Gods children. Making a way for your beauty secret time? Open now this website 醫美. This will help you achieve best beauty treatment. Let your friends know about this.

Take time to watch the short video above as it is helpful in understanding what is heresy. It is a very useful tool for you to understand about the commandment of God. This is what we all must apply for.