Who Are the Spiritual Israelites Today?

Israelites are the chosen people of God in the Old Testament. Israelites experience many miraculous signs and wonders of God before such as His dividing the Red Sea, allowing them to escape Egypt, the land of slavery, through the Passover and many more. They are so special. Are they chosen until now? Actually, the gospel or the good news is preached exclusively to them but after Jesus ascended to Heaven, God the Almighty destroyed the barrier between Jews and Gentiles so all men can listen the words of God.

That is why, Christianity have spread to the whole world. In fact, we call the believers of God as spiritual Israelites for they do the will of God. They follow the teachings of God.  Then what are the teachings of God that spiritual Israelites must follow? What day Christians should worship God? In other words, what day is the Sabbath? Is it Saturday or Sunday? It has been a long discussion on what day people of God should worship Him. What is the truth?

Some keep worship on Saturday but most worship on Sunday. Spiritual Israelites are the remnant in these last days. They are the ones whom God will bestow His blessing of eternal life. They are the ones who will receive the crown of life. The privilege of participating in the first resurrection and living forever in the kingdom of Heaven is given to them. The what is the requirement of God to be saved? Keeping God’s commandment or commandment of men? Who will give salvation, man or God?